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Fitbit Partnership With Htc Gives It A Leg Up In The Fitness Tracking Space

HTC is using Fitbit on the One in two ways: it can work instantly with the on-board suite of sensors HTC provides to track fitness levels without any additional hardware, or device owners can opt to buy some Fitbit hardware (including its scales and wearables) to increase the accuracy of the health tracking fed to the One. Either way, Fitbit wins; it gets device sales on the one hand, and access site to a wider pool of data even if people dont convert to hardware shoppers. For HTC, it means keeping focus the company doesnt have to stretch its engineering resources trying to keep up with companies with a lot more access to capital and R&D time like Samsung, which can afford to build its own S Health solution from scratch and outfit their devices with experimental and potentially pricey new hardware components like optical heart rate monitors. Fitbit is also a debut BlinkFeed SDK partner, meaning data and milestone notifications will display live in HTCs home screen visit website news feed UI. Fitbits Force recall was a black eye for the company, but this partnership with HTC offers a glimpse into how the company might fight back from that unfortunate reversal and continue its path of user growth. For now, the partnership seems limited to just the pre-install, but if HTC can lighten the load for HTC and other OEMs looking to keep pace with Apple and Samsung, it could lead to a lot more down the road. Founded October 2007 Total Funding $66M Overview Fitbit inspires people to exercise more, eat better and live healthier lifestyles.
Read more: http://techcrunch.com/2014/03/25/fitbit-partnership-with-htc-gives-it-a-leg-up-in-the-fitness-tracking-space/

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