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Madonna's Workouts Focus On 'shocking' The Body

Madonna News: ''We work out six days a week, 90 minutes a day. read this I create a new program each week. Mondays we learn the new program together. We focus on new muscle groups, new music and planting the programs in our body. Our workouts are challenging, serious and always focusing on shocking the body!'' The trainer-to-the-stars and Madonna have just opened their eighth Hard Candy Fitness club, and Nicole insists a body like the 'Music' hitmaker's is achievable with hard work and dedication. She said: ''Madonna stands as an icon. Her body, work webpage ethic, and persistence is an inspiration to the people. The gym is a place where people can experience the 'Addicted to max workouts Sweat' workout that is inspired by the workouts I have been doing with Madonna for five years.
More http://lifestyle.xin.msn.com/en/beauty-fashion/madonnas-workouts-focus-on-shocking-the-body-1

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